Pacesetter offered:  (Click on names for pictures)

                                       - 60's style sprint car / Outlaw
                                       - High tech sprinter
                                       - Grizzly
                                       - Top Fuel Dragster
                                       - Eliminator Funny Car


The earlier models' chassis were constructed of aluminum. As time went by, the cars were switched over to a "tube" style construction. Drivetrain variations were quick change rear ends, worm gear drive, chain driven rear and chain driven independent suspension. All bodies were made of high quality fiberglass. Little to no plastic was to be found on any models. Engines were .60 Nitro, McCulloch or Quadra.


-Skellenger QC rear
-Worm gear drive
-2 stage clutch
-"A" arm style front end on dragsters


Pacesetter was started by an exceptionally talented pioneer of 1/4 scale named Jeff Schmidt. The first car was designed in 1979 and was his 60's style sprint car. This was the first quarter scale RC car ever put into production by anyone. Pacesetter was 3-4 years ahead of the competition contrary to how most people believe that Raco and WCM were the first! After the release of the sprint car, Jeff produced an offroad buggy (Grizzly) and also designed the first 1/4 scale top fuel and funny cars. As the years went by, Jeff could not stay up with all the orders and partnered up with Mike White. After about 7 months, Jeff and Mike had irreconcilable differences. They terminated the relationship around 1987 at which point Joseph White ( Mikes father and the one funding the project ) took Pacesetter and Mike Kopchik to New York and Jeff started up a new venture called QRS. Joseph White ended up partnering with Mike Kopchik and the company's name now reflected as MK Pacesetter. 

My thoughts

Pacesetter cars have always looked fantastic over the years. The 60's style sprint car is an amazing work of art and housed the very first quick change rear end in 1/4 scale history. Every car in the Pacesetter lineup is very desirable in my opinion and would make any 1/4 scale fanatic proud to own one, or all :).